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717 Industrial Park Drive, Evans, GA 30809  (706) 364-3169
 At Academics Plus, we begin with an emphasis on the basics.  Our kindergarten program are centered on a strong phonics-based reading and spelling curriculum and math activities, as these are the foundations for all future learning. Science, social studies, geography, creative writing, literature, and grammar compose our traditional course of study for first through fifth grade. A variety of special activities in foreign language, computer, art, music, and various field trips enrich our academics program and make learning an exciting and enjoyable experience for your child. After all, the purpose of education is instill a lifetime love of learning in each and every child.

Academics Plus offers a low student-teacher ratio which allows our challenging academic program to be coupled with regular individual attention. With two full-time teachers and a maximum of sixteen students in the class, this intimate setting is one of the best in the Augusta area and encourages a strong student-teacher relationship. This relationship is imperative to improving attitude, behavior, and to increase learning. Each child is allowed to succcessfully advance at his or her own level, uninhibited by age or academic ceilings imposed by many other school settings.

Students at Academics Plus will be challenged by our comprehensive academic program and simultaneously encouraged to become independent and creative thinkers. Atlhough rarely encouraged in other academic environments, these attributes are indispensable in a constantly changing world.

Students at Academics Plus consistently score in the top national percentile on stadardized tests and are always well-prepared for the challenges they may face from either public or private school following their tenure here.

We invite you to explore an alternative in education in the C.S.R.A. Call or email to make an appointment and come see the difference it can make in your child.